Smart Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike TSMB06 (GPS version)

1. Adaptive inertial Cruise
2. Flexible power assisted
3. Smart uphill boost
4. 26 inch mountain bike frame
5. 2 in 1 motor controller with inbuilt GPS chip
6. Aluminum Alloy bike frame, light weight
7. 36V/48V 8-10A hidden lithium battery
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Product Description

Topshine Smart Bicycle Mountain Bike Frame

GPS Version

Topshine smart bicycle combines the advantages of ordinary bicycle, power-assisted bicycle and normal electric bicycles.

Topshine engineers integrate 3 main technologies on the motor controller to make it more intelligent and safe for riding.

Main features:

1. Adaptive Inertial cruise Technology

During riding, the system will remember the pedaling speed by real time, when you stop pedaling, the bike will going with last pedaling speed.

2. Flexible power-assisted Technology

Recognize the road status, output soft and comfort power assistance. The system is extremely safe.

3. Smart Uphill Boost Technology

Identify gradient changes intelligently, and output strong and comfort power assistance to push you to uphill.

4. Liberate right hand

Revolutionary design, retain the structure of traditional bicycles, Remove the function about right hand to control handlebar to accelerate .make it more suitable for all kinds of people to ride safely, so that students can easily and safely ride to school, and never afraid to be late.

5. Automatic start -stop system

Hybrid design of human and electric, intelligent power saving system will automatically close the main power supply when the bike is stopped so that the system is in the most power saving mode to provide the most sufficient power for long distance endurance.

6. Key-less start-up system

7. Rider ID identify

8. Can be adjust the max riding speed according to your country traffic rules

9. LED indication light: indicate battery consumption, speed, status of riding

10. Electronic brake handle

12. 2 in 1 motor controller with GPS tracking chip.

13. Free positioning the bike on Topshine platform

14. Riding routine replay on live map

15. Anti-theft

16. Remotely adjust max riding speed

17. Remotely stop motor

18. Support multiple geo fencing. When entry or exit the fence, send SMS notification

19. Position accuracy: 5-10m

 Product name

Maintain bicycle Electric bike



 Charging time

 4-6 Hours




 36-48V 8A-10A

 Motor Power





 6061 Aluminum Alloy

 Front Fork


 Wheel Size

 26 inch


Front/rear Dis-brake



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