Sports Edition-18 inch smart Folding Electric bike

Specification :

* Wheel size:18 inch
* Lithium Battery: 36V/8A
* Brushless Motor:250W
* Frame material: Aluminum-magnesium alloy
* Maximum speed: 20-25km/H ( can be adjustable)
* Recharge mileage: 40km-50km
* Single charge time : 3-4 hours
* open Dimension : 1420*190*920(mm)
* fold Dimension : 760*260*580(mm)
* Net Weight: 14.8kg
* Fast folding time: 6 second
* Handlebar: Adjustable and foldable
* Pedal: foldable
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Product Description

Topshine 3 into 1 Smart 18 inch folding Concept bicycles.It conbine advantage of traditional bike,Moped and electric bike,then develop this smart Concept bicycles,it with hight safety factor, easy to operate and extremely comfortable,which truly satisfy all kinds of people to use ( student /elderly /white collar ect ).

It only 14.8 kg,kids/student /elderly can also riding ,mean 1 set ebike ,all number of families can use it .

Its start and accelerate by pedal(not by handlebar ) ,so it did not need a licence to just pedal few times ,the bike will memories the speed and inertia cruise go ahead no matter you stop to pedal .You can riding very safety and relaxing.

Selling point of our EB03 Smart E -Bike:

1. Inertial cruise system:

A type of cruise system that gives you feel like slip the slope.

2.Flexible power-assisted system:

Help you pedal more energy-saving and safer boosting system

3.Uphill smart boost system

Intelligently judge the slope and output a powerful "the feel about push the back of the body " boost,  uphill can be so easy.

4. Liberate right hand

Revolutionary design,retain the structure of traditional bicycles,Remove the function about right hand to control handlebar to accelerate .make it more suitable for all kinds of people to ride safely, so that students can easily and safely ride to school, and never afraid to be late.

5. Automatic start -stop system

Hybrid design of human and electric,Intelligent power saving system will automatically close the main
power supply when the bike is stopped so that the system is in the
most power saving mode to provide the most sufficient power for
long distance endurance.

6.Keyless start-up system

7.Rider ID identify

8.Can be adjust the max riding speed according to your country traffic rules

9.LED indication light: indicate battery consumption,speed ,status of riding

10.Eectronic brake handle

11.Bells for ring remind

12.Battery as can be carry and take out to recharge easily

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